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Writer's Block: Taste the Rainbow

If you could taste color, what would your favorite color taste like?

I have several colors that I'm particularly fond of, but here are three of them. >>;

Green --> Depending on the shade of green, it would taste different. A light, bright green would taste like sweet peppermint, while a darker, more saturated green would taste more like a kiwi fruit.

Purple --> The color purple that I like is very bright and lighter purple, almost pink. It would taste like cotton candy ice cream (not just cotton candy, that would be too sugary for purple; it needs to be cotton candy flavoured ice cream to give it the creamy texture and taste.) ♥

Silver --> This one was a little harder to think of for me, but I finally decided that silver would taste very much like a champagne or sparkling wine. Something with carbonation and a bite to it.


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